Manicures & Pedicures


This luxury treatment entails exfoliation, cuticle work, nail filing & rebalancing, cuticle tidy and a hand and arm massage. Choice between nail polish or OPI Gel Colour.

Luxury Spa Manicure £26


This luxury treatment entails the soaking of the feet, exfoliation, cuticle tidy, nail filing, foot filing and a leg and foot massage.  Choose between nail polish or OPI Gel Colour.

Luxury Spa Pedicure £40
Medi Pedicure –  includes all of the above and treatment of ingrown toenail / callous removal / cracked heels / treatment of corns  £50



The IBX System uses heat and LED light to help penetrate a blend of jojoba and avocado oil plus toughening agents deep into the nail, where it forms an ‘interpenetrating polymer network’ that fuses the nails’ top layers together with little flexible polymer links.

The two-step nail treatment consists of: The first step: IBX REPAIR, which is applied specifically to targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination – this step is activated with gentle heat application and acts like “double –sided sticky tape” to seal damaged areas.

The second step IBX TREATMENT, promotes natural nail growth, completing the formation of *IPN (interlock protein network) within the nail plate and toughens the nail plate by fusing together the upper layers providing strength and protection – this step is activated with a LED light.

The treatment will give a protective shield for the nail and reduce white spots that tend to occur with the use of gel polish.

As a natural nail growth treatment, is it used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth, improves nail colour and appearance, and to soften nail grooves.

Gel nails are everywhere right now, and in as much as they are safe if you apply and remove the gels properly, there is still always a payoff as the regular acetone soakings inevitably dries nails out. IBX will form a protective shield against this – the in-salon treatment only gets applied every 2 – 4 weeks depending on the condition of the nails.

IBX Manicure – the treatment includes cuticle work / nail filing / IBX application & moisturising hand / foot cream. £25
Add on to any manicure/pedicure  £10



This holistic treatment will stimulate areas and pressure points on the feet that map via the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body. When pressure is applied to these areas it stimulates the movement of energy through the nerve channels and helps to restore balance to the whole body.

Single session (50 minutes) £45
Course of 6  £246