Facials, Peels & Make-Up

We offer facial treatments from ENDERMOLIFT & BIODROGA MD, non-surgical facelifts, Dermapen fractional rejuvenation, herbal peels from Dr. med. Christine SCHRAMMEK and event make-up.


Endermologie is the science of cellular stimulation.  The process acts to reverse skin ageing and increase lipolysis up to 70% in a natural, physiological manner reactivating dormant cells by mechanically stimulating the skin. Results have been conclusively proven in more than 110 clinical studies. A course of treatments is recommended to transform your facial contours.

See results after the very first use. Your skin will be smoother, and you’ll have a natural healthy complexion! After 12 sessions, the results intensify. Your wrinkles will be smoother, your facial contours will be redefined, your cheekbones enhanced and your face will appear younger.

Endermolift + facial (includes galvanic spa) £50
Course of 12 sessions £550
Interest free payment plans available


Micro-Current technology can physically firm and tone the skin through muscle re-education.  Micro-Current impulses trigger a reaction at a cellular level to increase the effectiveness of the body’s use of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a protein referred to as “the energy of life”.  The treatment has been used over many years to improve muscle tone following conditions such as stroke and bell’s palsy.  For muscles to contract they need energy, which comes from ATP.  ATP is the only energy source that muscles have to power their activity and they have only a limited supply of it.  By increasing the supply of ATP to muscle fibres Micro-Current plays a crucial role in cell metabolism and pumping up slack muscles.  Micro-Current also enhances fibroblast activity (collagen) and protein synthesis (elastin) by increasing ATP activity.

A course of 12 sessions, 1 to 2 sessions per week, is prescribed in order for the treatment to have a lasting effect.  A follow-up session is recommended once every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the results.  An ideal anti-ageing maintenance plan combines Endermolift, to enhance skin density and suppleness, with non-surgical facelift to stimulate the facial muscle fibres.

Non-surgical facelift £50
Course of 12 sessions £550
Endermolift & non-surgical facelift combo (70 mins) £75
Interest free payment plans available


Ancient wisdom meets modern technology to redesign your skin! Dermapen treatments™ pioneer the advancement in skin innovations for fractional rejuvenation.

This treatment is used for:

• Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation
• Natural collagen induction
• Hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation
• Acne scars & surgical scars wound healing
• Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
• Treats alopecia
• Improves stretch marks better than laser
• Hair regeneration
• Minimises pore size
• Prevent the appearance of ageing

An initial consultation will be conducted prior to commencing a treatment programme, thereafter you will require a treatment every 4 – 8 weeks, depending on your personal needs & results.

Dermapen from £165


The original GREEN PEEL® medical grade herbal peeling is a dermatologically inspired, 100% natural treatment method which improves various skin conditions to leave a radiant and even skin tone. The treatment is exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and doctors.

Following your consultation and based on your skin type and condition, your aesthetician will discuss a treatment plan and your expectations to ensure the right treatment for you.

Freshen Up

Illuminate your skin with this gentle, brightening treatment.

Peeling with Algo mask £70

Energy Q10+

Stimulate your skin… Targeted problem solving to reduce age related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders, promising excellent results & less down time than the CLASSIC peel.

Per treatment £140
Course of 4 treatments £560*


New skin in 5 days… The ideal treatment for seborrhoeic and vulgaris acne, scarring, follicular hyperkeratosis, enlarged pores, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, slack abdominal wall, upper arms and thighs.

Per treatment from £200
Course of 4 treatments £800*

Mela White Advanced

Helps eliminate pigmentation and even out skin pigment whilst improving the skin’s complexion.

Per treatment £120
Course of 4 treatments £480*


*These packages include a free, full size homecare kit valued at £150

Homecare starter kit £80



Baden-Baden, the world famous spa town, with its palatial baths and thermal springs, has been the home of BIODROGA INSTITUT for more than fifty years. Inspired by nature and in complete harmony with the world of holistic cosmetology, BIODROGA MD offers outstanding skin and body care products, with a predominantly biological basis, dermatology tested and targeted to the skin’s needs. BIODROGA MD is a skin corrective, cosmeceutical skin care range which is free of parabens, chemicals, perfumes and synthetics.

This health facial consist of cleansing, exfoliation, specific treatment via galvanic/microderm or lymphatic treatment followed by a treatment mask & moisturisation. This treatment includes neck & shoulder massage.

The Sante Facial 60mins £65


This health and beauty treatment combines a skin specific, results driven facial coupled with ultimate relaxation. The treatment starts with a signature back massage, followed by cleansing, exfoliation, specific treatment via microdermal abrasion, lymphatic & galvanic treatment followed by a specialised vitamin & collagen professional mask. This treatment includes a neck & shoulder, facial and hand & foot massage.

The Sante et Beaute Facial 80mins £80


What ever the occasion or the look, you decide!

Event Make up £35
Bridal Make up from £55
Add on party lashes  (24 hour wear) £10