A new skin in 5 days!

The original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling is a dermatologically inspired, natural treatment method which improves various skin problems to leave a radiant and even skin tone. The original GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling is exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and doctors and is 100% natural.

The power of natural beauty - new skin in 5 days... Green Peel from Dr. med. Christine SCHRAMMEK

The process…

Based on your skin type and condition, your aesthetician will adapt a mixture of eight selected herbs rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Once massaged into the skin, micro-particles of the herbs penetrate into its upper layers. Plant ingredients initiate a series of reactions in the skin including microcirculation, which results in an improved supply of oxygen to the deeper skin cells, activating their metabolism. The intensive effect of the herbs accelerates the cells’ natural regeneration process. Cell renewal is stimulated and new collagen fibres are formed. The skin begins to peel visibly. Gradually, the top layers of the epidermis start to loosen while simultaneously pushing new young cells to the skin’s surface.

The skin’s renewal process is complete after just five days – your old skin is replaced with a new, fresh and clean skin!

Personal treatment plans…

GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling provides effective solutions for every skin type, at any age – from pre- & anti-ageing to the treatment of acne, sun damage or loss of elasticity. Speak to your aesthetician to develop a treatment plan adapted to your skin type and condition to ensure the right treatment for you.


Illuminate your skin with this gentle brightening treatment.

Peeling with Algo mask £70


Stimulate your skin… Targeted problem solving to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders, promising excellent results & less down time than the CLASSIC peel.

Per treatment  £140
Course of 4 treatments £560*


New skin in 5 days… The ideal treatment for seborrhoeic & vulgaris acne, scarring, follicular hyperkeratosis, enlarged pores, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, slack abdominal wall, upper arms and thighs.

Per treatment  £200
Course of 4 treatments £800*


Helps eliminate pigmentation and even out skin pigment whilst to improving the skin’s complexion. In cases where deeper, underlying pigmentation is present, additional, targeted homecare may be required at extra cost.

Per treatment  £120
Course of 4 treatments £480*

Homecare starter kit  £80
     *these packages include a free, full size homecare kit valued at £150